About Us

Mid-Atlantic Lipizzan Association
The purpose of the Mid Atlantic Lipizzan Association is to promote the Lipizzan breed on a regional level, to educate the public about this noble horse, and to encourage participation of Lipizzan owners in equestrian events. We currently have members throughout the East Coast of the United States. We invite you to join MALA and become a part of a growing group of people who share a passion for the Lipizzan breed. Come out and support us and this wonderful noble breed, be a part of this old cultural treasure and breed of horse! FMI about MALA please feel free to contact us.

MALA Collage

Key Offerings:

Membership in MALA has many benefits including:

  • Access to contact information of all MALA members
  • Free sales listings on the MALA website
  • Free Professional Directory listings on the MALA website
  • Qualification for MALA competition awards
  • Qualification for MALA Breed Ambassador award
  • Information on Lipizzan activities on the Mid-Atlantic region
  • Up to $10 off in daily discounts at specified clinics/evaluations presented through MALA and at Four Winds Farms (owned by Melanie Adams) www.lipizzanerhorses.com
  • Companionship and support of fellow equestrians and a network of equestrian resources…


MALA is looking for your input!!!

Mala is looking for your input for the new MALA newsletter. We would like to publicize news about you and your lipizzans.

  • New Lipizzans you may have acquired
  • New Lipizzan babies
  • Upcoming shows, clinics or exhibitions which Lipizzans will participate
  • Any activities you and your Lipizzan will or may have participated that you would like to talk about J

We are also interested in your stories, character sketches, and characteristic  (enduring amusement or otherwise)

Mala is planning on publishing our newsletter on a quarterly basis to serve as a channel of communication and build a sense of community among Lipizzan owners and enthusiasts. To also stimulate participation in and attendance at regional activities in which our horses. Send us your story at Sueott14@yahoo.com